To The Moon & Back

Ari + Andy were my first engagement/bridal couple to bring family with to their engagement shoot– and I loved it!

Mainly because this immediately told me something about them and their relationship…
It has strong family ties. And that is– Oh. So. Important. Especially as they’re taking the next step to building their own!

Also, Ari had her two most trusted personal stylists along for the ride making sure those hair fly-aways were tamed!

As I was starting to put this blog together, I was trying to find the right words to describe their relationship… and the first words that came to mind were- Stable. Comfortable. Wise. Timeless. They have this deep understanding of each other that really only comes with time, respect, and love.

I am -SO-looking forward to getting out of Springfield, IL for a weekend and traveling down to Missouri to shoot their wedding in September! For now– enjoy these adorable faces 🙂


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